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    He remembers 100 million days
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Disabled to Differently-abled:Dr. Prashanth ChandranBattles Odds to
Celebrate Life

Tales from across the globe have,for long, narrated to us that disability is never a hassle to success if an individual has talent and drive. As has been often quoted, the only disability in life is bad attitude. In fact, we often find many around us who lack what their peers have. Among the, a few manage to steal the limelight with their astounding prowess in different aspects. In the process, they also inspire people around them. Their actions and even subtle gestures can be sources of inspiration and applause.

  • World Records University-Doctorate
  • Divyangjan Award from Government of India
  • Limca Book of Records-National Awards
  • India Book of Records
  • Asia Book of Records
  • Incredible Book of Records-World & National
  • Universal Record Forum-National Award
  • URF Hall of fame award-2016

Talents of Prashanth

"He can predict the day of any given date with in 01-01-0001 to 01-01-10000"

He remembers

3.6 million days

"He can predict the temperature of any place without the any help of any devices meant for it"

forecasting the weather conditions

predict temperature

"He have an ability to remember things which he see and hear at least one time"

Prashanth Chandran known as

Memory Prashanth

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